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Dedicated to serve the thousands of under-served Ethnic Community living in Minnesota, by creating a Multi-Culture Radio Station that informs, inspires, educates, and for sure, entertains through the use of Minority Radio 1600 AM and the Internet. And, to provide an opportunity for businesses, governmental agencies, religious organizations to advertise and inform their products and services to the Ethnic Community. 

The past 8 years, hundreds of local, national, international, educational institutions, religious organizations, political leaders, and governmental agencies have come to us to share their relevant messages to the Ethnic Community that now called Minnesota home.

It is of special important to not only the Ethnic Community but also to all public and private organizations to distribute relevant information that is significant to the Ethnic Community. We strongly believes that the difficulty of getting relevant information out to the Ethnic Community has been a challenge that must be overcome. Our goal is to reach them in their car, their home, and their office. With today's technology, the Internet, we can reach not only the Ethnic Community in Minnesota but also around the world.

Our transmitor and tower is located West of Minneapolis. With 5,500 watts, our signal can reach more than 120 radius miles, which providing advertisers and sponsors consistent exposure to consumers and other businesses needing their products and services.

Have relevant information worth sharing to the Ethnic Community in Minnesota?

We are the gateway to their community. Yes, your Relevant Information will get the result you want from us. What is Relevant Information? For public institution like the Minnesota Department of Health is Poison Mushroom . During the Summer the Ethnic Community has history of picking up Poison Mushroom.

Have a new product or a news services worth sharing to the Ethnic Community in Minnesota?

We have radio advertising packages to meet all kind, all size of your business. We will work with you to design a unique advertising spot that meet your desire. Yes, you will get the result you want from us.

You don't have to speak another language to reach the Ethnic Community in Minnesota - you just need to speak to Radio Diverse - the gateway to their community. Call us today to get your message out to them!

The Face of the Minnesota is changing

Minnesota continues to become more culturally diverse, the diverse population trends only show continued growth, and their economic base will keep on expanding. Join Radio Diverse in accessing this new expanding and exciting growing markets. We are your single-source communication channel to this fast growing market of powerful purchasers of retail products to business services.



We can help you reach the minority community.
We have 17 years of broadcast experiences in radio production and radio marketing. We will use these experiences to help you tap into the Minority Community. We have different, all kind all size of advertising packages to best suite your needs.We will work with you and your marketing representative to create a customized radio advertising spots that truly target the market you desired.

Why Radio? Radio is free and it's easy. Every car, home, and office has at least a radio receiver.

  • Heard Everywhere - Radio reaches more consumers at the point of purchase than any other medium
  • Specific Format - reach your target audience based on the listener profile; zero in on the demographics and psychographics you want
  • Cost Effective - Radio reaches a greater number of consumers for every dollar spent; it is the best cost per thousand investment.
  • Interactive - Listeners can be part of the on-air experience by participating in talk shows, contests and sending best wishes to the people they love. Radio also allow listeners to engage with the advertising!
  • High ROI - 96% of all consumers listen to radio…that the best Return On Investment offered by traditional media
  • Less Intrusive - Radio reaches the consumer as they go about their regular routine
  • Radio Creates Trace Memories - Through catch phrases, music and emotion, radio ads stay in our minds like that story grandma used to tell.
  • Radio is a Real-time Medium - Listen to road safety messages while driving or shopping tips while at the mall or grocery store


Advantage for sponsors and advertisers: Minnesota does not have a Minority-specific radio station. This leave a huge gap for the minority population, which total thousand in Minnesota. They population  will continue to expand. Minority Radio is the only channel communication to this expanding community.


Customer Service: Peter Phia Xiong, the manager has accumulated years of radio industry knowledge and experience, with a special expertise as an on-air talk show host. With this experience he is very familiar with his his customer base, and has earned a solid reputation for his high level of customer services. We treat our listeners, customers, sponsors, and advertisers as we, personally, would like to be treated. We depend on your support and our listeners depend on us. Please consider sponsoring one of our program. You will receive the result you want from us. To request a sponsoring and an advertising package please contact Peter info@minorityradio.org or call at 763-585-1600.


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Minority Radio 1600 AM: 6500 Brooklyn Boulevard, suite 206. Brooklyn Center, Minnesota 55429.  Phone 763-585-1600 or cell 612-267-2999. Email: peter@kpnp1600.com